I was always a summer child. I live and thrive off the sunshine. Most people enjoy the wintertime but I HATE the winter. You won’t catch me in Aspen or anywhere there’s snow. I prefer a sandy beach with the sun shining down on the water. I thrive off of summertime weather.

Today, it’s in the 70’s. I went out for the first time, in ages. I felt happier and back to my old self again. I did it by myself. I KNOW! It’s a big change for someone with severe anxiety. I still avoided the interstates. I didn’t push myself. I did great. I did much better than expected. I didn’t shake. I didn’t want to throw up.

How in the world have I returned? I made sure to eat healthier than ever before. I’m not shaking like I used to. A simple change in diet does wonders for the body, mind, and soul. Believe me, this is not a cure.

Being cooped up behind four walls isn’t living anymore. That’s waiting to die. Yeah, I have my manic episodes. I can’t control them all the time. I let my mind do it’s thing. Sometimes, it’s hard. If I can see the bigger picture, I can accomplish anything. I really can’t stand the cold.

Today, everyone was really nice to me. I talked to people! *Gasp* Immersion therapy is working. Nobody was mean to me. I let my prejudgment of people go. I smiled and remained happy.

What does my diet consist of? Gluten-free. My moods have drastically changed. I’m not as moody as I used to be. I’m not short-tempered or short with people. I felt like I was floating on air today. Maybe that is the manic? Let that bitch take control more often! I’ve cut down on the caffeine (I do love coffee and tea). I felt confident and back to when I had control over things.

I also had a job interview. I believe it went well. I hope it went well. The HR generalist was rather nice to me. She frowned at the guy, who was busy texting on his phone. Who brings their cell phone to an interview? Due to common core, he couldn’t solve the math problems either. I solved mine in less than five minutes. He was still adding and subtracting, when I left. And he was there before me. But he ran fifteen minutes late. Like really? How are you going to show up at a job interview, late? I don’t know about the next generation. They can’t spell or add/subtract.

My teachers made us spell out the word at least fifty times. That was our homework, back in the day. You had to write twenty-five sentences, using that word. And then you had to write out the definition for that word. We always had at least 25 new words every week.

“Let me copy off your papers!” No… absolutely not! You failed to do the homework. I’m not about to help you. I spent all night doing that homework. Yes… that guy was completely clueless about life. You’re there for a job, not talk on your phone, FB, or texting someone. You couldn’t leave your phone at home for a job interview? What’s wrong with you? At least leave in your car!

My highlights for today is that I dropped another five pounds, I grew an inch, and I can lift 135 pounds. Go me! And I’m sure I landed the job. I was early, remained alert, didn’t have my cell phone on me, and smiled. I think I got the job! I can’t wait to start!

Now… I’m starting to believe that I’m the sane person. It’s everyone else, who is insane. Common sense, really isn’t all that common anymore. :O



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