There are things that drive me absolutely crazy. I don’t know why, that’s just how I’m wired. Here are the things that may seem compulsive and outlandish to some people.

  1. Evens. I don’t know why. Everything has to be even. I couldn’t end at one kid or three kids, I had to have four kids. Six people max. To me, odds just make a person unbalanced. My books have to be even. My page numbers have to end on an even number. My chapters have to have an even amount. It drives me up a wall, if anything is odd. I also have to have an even amount of characters.
  2. Toilet paper. It has to be on the inside. I can’t stand it on the outside. And it has to be rolled up. I can’t stand toilet paper that touches the floor. It bugs me.
  3. I organize my email. Oh yes! I keep my receipts for everything and place it in categories.
  4. I organize my bookshelves. Classics go on the top shelf. Series has to stay together and in the correct order. You can’t put Anne Rice novels with Dracula. Dracula goes on the top shelf. Harry Potter has to stay together. It drives me nuts if anyone puts my books out-of-order.
  5. Sheets. I must have a bed with a sheet on it. I can’t stand touching the mattress. If the sheet pops off in the middle of the night, I’m putting that bad boy back on. I don’t like touching the mattress at all.
  6. Drawers: I don’t like them hanging out. It drives me nuts.
  7. Clutter: I can’t stand clutter. Shoving shit in a drawer, pisses me off. My mom used to do that and it drove me nuts as a kid. I will throw it out. I don’t care if it was important, I’ll trash it.
  8. Hair in the sink. That one really drives me crazy. My husband is bad for this. He’ll shave and leave hair in the sink. So, when you wash your hands, it just looks unsanitary.
  9. CD’s, Games, and DVD’s: I arrange mine in alphabetical order. Not by the actor but by the title. I will make a new row for series and keep it together by which order the movies are perceived as first. So, I’ll take LOTR and put Fellowship first, then the Two Towers, and finally Return of the King. The alphabet does drive me nuts, when it comes to series. CD’s all alphabetical by the last names.
  10. Organize the kids’ clothes: Their top drawer is their undergarments and pajamas. The second drawer is their short shirts, third drawer has their long shirts, fourth drawer has their shorts, fifth drawer has their pants. I frequently go through their clothes to kick out the stuff they outgrew.

Those are just some of my tics. I don’t know why I’m like this. It does drive me nuts. Maybe it’s a control thing. Maybe it’s just me being crazy thing. Psst… it’s called OCD. I know. I shouldn’t let these things bother me, but they do. I’m trying to change it but I still catch myself doing these things without thinking. Even my husband has grown used to my habits.


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