I finally had it! She kept provoking me and I lashed out. What part of, “I don’t feel well today,” didn’t she understand? You see, I don’t have to worry about what strangers think of me. I don’t particularly care. I hear it from family members. This is when you’re glad you have Borderline. You have a way with a colorful choice of words that people don’t seem to understand. I’ve dropped a ton of f-bombs today. At who? My older sister. She kept jabbing me with her stick and I attacked. Not like a knock-down drag out fight, but a Facebook world of colorful language. It was post after post after post of her pro-candidate. And how this person was this wonderful human being.

Well, I grew tired of her political rants. I shut her ass down today. How do I know I won? She blocked me. Which thank heavens! I don’t have to hear from her anymore! YAY! Victory! She kept taking pot-shots at me for being Bipolar. She kept calling me crazy. “Someone didn’t take their crazy pills today.” and this… “You are crazy.. CrAzY. Like it’s going to mean something now. Stand in line! You aren’t the first person, who called me crazy and you certainly won’t be the last. I made sure to inform her that she is crazy herself and she needs psychological help. She comes from a long line of “crazy.” And she should embrace her craziness. “You’re so Bipolar today.” She said something else that was negative at my diagnosis. Anyway, the dreadful sister blocked me.

Am I crying about it? NOPE! I’m partying! I hope I never have to speak to her again. She always taunted me. Even when I was a little kid, she was a horrible person. So much for Anxiety affecting me today. I’m so glad I have Borderline. I wanted a cure for it but now, I’m not so sure. It’s like my protective shield that engulfs my entire body. Borderline and I are having fun today. Some people just deserve to be “told off.” She was one of those people. I have 0 guilt about it. The anxiety disappeared and I gave BPD full control. A silent scream from my head. It had enough. It had enough politics and why we’re these evil people. At least I finally stopped shaking. It took a few days but I’m glad to be back in my BPD groove.

Yes, I’m cRaZy… and I love it! It’s better than being an judgmental asshole without a mental illness. Let’s think about it here for a moment. I’m in the minority because of my mental illnesses. That’s a strike against me. I am a woman. That’s another strike against me. So even with these strikes, I’m extremely compassionate to other minorities. I get why other minorities are upset and pissed. And when you have asshole family members, who needs enemies? She made sure to point out that I was crazy and I needed to control my Bipolar. She is obviously completely ignorant. I didn’t show her my Bipolar, I showed her my Borderline. The one mental illness that is a huge front-runner for me. One of the first professional diagnoses, I’ve received. It’s down now. I feel better. It’s been bottling up inside of me for the last few months. So when a family member wants to call you, tell them thank you and smile. Make sure it’s a big smile. Feel free to give them the middle finger. They may say it to dig at you. I wear Super BPD on my cape and it remains my faithful protective shield against the ignorant. Me and my Super BPD are circling the sky, taking down one ignorant person after another. Together, we are the dynamic duo. Dun… dun… dun! Super BPD! My cape makes excellent swooshing sounds! Woosh.. swoosh! We fly together to take out the evil doers. Maybe having mental illnesses isn’t that bad after all.

Ain’t nobody got time for ignorance. 😉


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